The price of health insurance continues to rise at unsustainable levels. Districts are forced to increase employee contributions or forced to decrease benefits—or both.


Teachers’ Coalition on Health (TCOH) was formed to help school districts, and their employees, reduce health insurance costs. It was founded on simple principals: We listen to your goals and evaluate all available options.

Our team of experts can’t wait to deliver you an in-depth analysis. There are no empty promises. Everything is mathematically proven and backed by data.



Today’s health insurance system is complex and ever changing. Annual healthcare rates have skyrocketed with no end in sight. In a recent survey, 95% of Illinois superintendents stated "Health Insurance is a problem" and sustained increases of 20% or more in the last 3 years. Need a solution?

TCOH can help.

We are independent seasoned benefits pros with 100+ years of experience in healthcare and pharmacy benefits (PBM), data and auditing technology, plan administration, and boutique customer service.

Our team breaks down the barriers—reducing health insurance premiums and bringing stability to your school district—no matter what size. TCOH presents our clients plan designs, and solutions, that deliver the best coverage at the best price. And it doesn’t stop there. Our team consistently monitors and audits all aspects of the health plan. From pricing to contacts to performance, our top priority is making sure each part of your benefits plan operates at premium efficiency. This persistent attention to detail is a game changer, so our team can deliver a successful healthcare plan, year after year. TCOH was founded on the principal that forensic-level data mining gives our clients a significant advantage, making a measurable difference. Over 150 happy districts seem to agree.

Take control and put yourself in the driver’s seat. We look forward to starting a conversation.


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Building Savings Solutions Together

“After evaluating all available options for my family, TCOH reduced my annual premium by over $4000 and my out-of-pocket spend by over $1,500. How many insurance people spend enough time with you to reduce your expenses?”

– Kim
“The people from TCOH have provided great direction for my co-workers. I have listened to them talk about how quickly they had their questions answered and how the outcomes were better than expected.”

– Sophia
“The TCOH reps are awesome! They explained to me a prescription plan that saved me thousands of dollars, and they helped me enroll in an assistance plan with my hospital that saved me even more. I can’t say enough good things about their detail to service.”

– James

District Faces 17% Premium Increase

District Avoids Massive Employee Premium Increase

Recently, a school district with 160 full time employees was facing a 17% total premium rate increase...

District faces severe benefit cuts

35% savings with Prescription Benefit analysis

TCOH provided an analysis for a Trust covering 2800 members...

Prescription costs spike every year

District Trust saves $4.5 million on PBM spend

15,000 covered lives with a BUCA carrier had their PBM embedded in their program...

Our PBM Solution has Created
the Best Way to Purchase
Prescription Drugs

Reductions in PBM spend are possible—typically 30-50%
TRUE group purchasing power
Small and mid-sized groups get the same pricing as large ones—everyone wins
Our program is completely transparent
Our program has built-in audit protections
Our results are financially guaranteed
Our team of clinicians and data experts help you achieve better health outcomes while continually monitoring the plan's performance


One place for all your RFP and quotation needs.

TCOH has created a robust quoting platform to provide school districts a comprehensive evaluation of their employee benefit programs—all in one place. TCOH also examines the various funding options which are equally important: fully-insured, HDHP coupled with an HRA, level-funded, and self-funded. TCOH’s platform invites all licensed insurance carriers, associations, trusts, and coalitions to submit bids.

This puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

This process benefits the school district immensely. TCOH Xchange allows your district to streamline an exhaustive search into one platform. This leverages your district in the RFP marketplace. No more obtaining multiple bids from multiple brokers. Our system invites every licensed carrier in your area to provide a proposal.

Our Process

We obtain the appropriate details from your group.
All information is electronically submitted to the insurance carriers—time stamped for tracking. We control the process, putting you in charge.
All information is collected and added to your group's unique file.
After the evaluation is complete, everything is compiled into a comprehensive summary report with recommendations.

HRA & FSA Administration

Communications made Simple

Often overlooked, HRA/FSA/COBRA administration is an important part of your benefits plan. A well-designed plan saves our clients valuable time, money and resources.

It's Peace of Mind

Yes—we process all claims in a timely fashion.
Yes—we furnish your team with all applicable reports.
Yes—we have a dedicated customer service team.

What separates our program is our internal auditing system. Ongoing forensic-level auditing assures your plan is running as designed.

Would you like to start a conversation regarding our HRA/FSA/Cobra Administration?

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